When flooring demolition isn’t done right, or if debris remains in place, delays will prevent new floor installation and any other renovations you are waiting to have done. Our crew can provide demolition services that remove the flooring you don’t need and leaves your business clean and ready for renovations. We have the tools, equipment and manpower to demo floors in a timely fashion, eliminating valuable time spent on each project.


No matter which type of flooring is being installed, each job will require some kind of subfloor prep. Every installation is unique and will have its own subfloor prep requirements. Careful and correct preparation of the subfloor is vital to satisfactory floor covering installation. If the subfloor is rough or uneven, it will transfer through the new floor covering, giving you visible unevenness and excessive wear in higher spots. Proper subfloor prep and suitable underlayment installation are the key to a trouble-free job.


We have a variety of flooring options to offer: pre-finished hardwood, LVT, vinyl plank, sheet vinyl, carpet and more. Our flooring crew are experienced installers when it comes to making vinyl flooring repairs and installations of new commercial floors.

Whether it’s a small project or a large project, or anywhere else, our team of professionals will arrive with all the tools and equipment they need to get the job done the right way.

We have decades of experience performing tear-outs and installations. When it comes to installation, we deliver quality you can stand on.

In healthcare projects, we have worked in Operating Rooms where a sterile environment was necessary. In these cases, the materials involved flash coved, heat welded sheet vinyl for seamless flooring.

Your finished product is only as good as the substrate you have installed your floor on. We prep, sand and smooth all of our floors so when we complete the installation, you will have a good finished product you can be proud of.

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